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Grindelwald | Town’s Rich Culinary Heritage

Grindelwald owes its rich culinary heritage to its great many regional specialties. Many traditional dishes have their roots in Switzerland’s farming culture. In addition to Switzerland's national dishes, every region has its own culinary specialties and so does Grindelwald.Read More

Grindelwald | The Dream Mountain Resort

Picture a dream mountain resort and it would look a lot like Grindelwald in the Bernese Alps. This village is under the infamous North Face of Eiger, a monumental wall of rock that inspires and intimidates in equal measure.Read More

Zurich | The Shopper’s Paradise

Zürich has a huge offer in terms of shopping. It goes from big and expensive international brands you'll find on the Bahnhofstrasse and around, to local clothes designers selling their stuff in small, cool and trendy shops (Districts 4 and 5 mainly), for a view of what Zürich has to offer in terms of alternative shopping.Read More

Zurich | The Place of Every Flavour

Zürich is located at the tip of Lake Zürich and is a place for every season. Its cuisine has excelled through its perfection of Swiss dishes as well as through its incorporation of a lot of other influences.Read More

Zurich | Lifestyle of the City

People can expect a well-balanced and fun lifestyle in Zurich, despite the stereotype that it's a sedate banking capital. The city has great shopping, excellent nightlife and some superb restaurants.Read More

Zurich | The Tourist’s Paradise city

Known worldwide for its banks, Zurich is the financial centre of Switzerland. It has the largest and busiest airport and railway station in the nation, making it the first introduction to Switzerland for many foreign tourists.Read More