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Toronto | Shop Vintage in the Canadian

The secret of most Torontonian style mavens? The vintage stores. Aside from being an affordable way to shop, vintage shopping in Toronto is sure to refresh your wardrobe, draw attention, and earn you points in the hip hoods.Read More

Zurich | The Shopper’s Paradise

Zürich has a huge offer in terms of shopping. It goes from big and expensive international brands you'll find on the Bahnhofstrasse and around, to local clothes designers selling their stuff in small, cool and trendy shops (Districts 4 and 5 mainly), for a view of what Zürich has to offer in terms of alternative shopping.Read More

Mexico City | Experience the Best of City

Choosing the best things to do in Mexico City is a daunting task knowing that it’s the 2nd largest city in the world. For every traveller the task of exploring any city, picking out the best events, places, free activities and unmissable hotspots is fun.Read More

Taipei | Fascinating History of the City

Taipei is a very young city as far as Asia goes. Really, the place being visited now has only existed for at most 300 years, but even at that time, it was only a few aboriginal settlements. Prehistoric Taipei (Táiběi) was wet. Read More