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When drivers are most likely to get a speed camera ticket in a small Summit County village: I-Team

PENINSULA, Ohio (WJW) -– The Fox 8 I-Team found when you are most likely to get a speed camera ticket in a small village now suddenly notorious for those tickets.

Many viewers have been complaining about the photo enforcement traffic ticket program in Peninsula, so the I-Team investigated.

We checked how fast drivers are going when they get tickets from traffic cameras in the Peninsula. Police sent out nearly 9,000 tickets in the first six months. Nearly half the tickets were issued for drivers going 11 miles over the speed limit. The next biggest category 12 miles over.

Drivers do not get the tickets for weeks after the alleged speed violation. So many drivers wonder how that makes the roads safer.

“Well, it says to me that they want money,” said Laura, one driver who recently got a ticket for going 12 miles over the speed limit. “If the officer is holding a camera why doesn’t he just stop you with his car? I think it’s because they want to get as many people as they can.”

Laura says she does not believe people should speed and she tries to always go the speed limit so she questions if the ticket is accurate. She says it has been years since she received a speeding ticket.

A review of the ticket found a few drivers received a ticket for going 26 to 31 miles over the limit. Several drivers wondered why an officer wouldn’t just stop someone going that fast instead of sending them a ticket in the mail a few weeks later.

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The I-Team has requested to discuss the issue on camera with village officials for months but they have declined.

Drivers are also frustrated because if they want to fight the ticket, they have to pay $100 in Stow Municipal Court. If they win they get the $100 back.

Most local courts such as Parma, Garfield Heights and Norwalk do not charge drivers upfront to appeal the ticket. According to the Lyndhurst Municipal Court website, those who want to challenge a speed camera ticket there are required to pay $15 when they file the appeal.

Harry Donehoo tells us he paid the fee for the Stow Municipal Court hearing because he wanted the chance to tell the judge his side. He didn’t believe he was speeding. He won and got his money back.

Other drivers say they believe the cost to have a hearing is too high.

“A $100 is a lot,” said Linda Barton. She also recently got a ticket from Peninsula. She says an app she has on her cell phone shows she was not speeding.

“It doesn’t show any speeding and the ticket says I was going 47 in a 35,” Barton said. “I want to fight it but if I do and I lose, now the $150 fine becomes $250, so I’m not real happy about that”

State Rep. Tom Patton has called for new restrictions on speed cameras. He plans to introduce his first proposals next month.


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