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Thousands of travelers descend upon LAX as Thanksgiving travel ramps up

Millions of Americans are expected to take to the skies before Thanksgiving, and airport security officials believe that the 2023 holiday travel season could be the busiest on record

Employees at Los Angeles International Airport’s Terminal 7 told KTLA 5’s Annie Rose Ramos that this weekend is turning out not to be a “normal” one when it comes to passenger volume. 

Travelers – some of whom forked over several hundreds of dollars for their tickets – should expect to endure long security lines and, in some cases, rushed check-ins.

“[Ticket prices] were high, like 700 or 800 dollars,” one traveler said on Sunday. 

That woman, who was leaving LAX for Washington, DC, said that she and her family took steps to make sure their airport experience was as smooth as possible by reserving their parking spot ahead of time and checking in online. 

Despite the crowds at airports, more Americans will hit the road to see their loved ones during the holiday season, AAA said, meaning that leaving early for a Thanksgiving road trip may not be a bad idea. 

According to TSA, the Thanksgiving “holiday season” began on Friday and lasts until Nov. 28. 


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