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Major MTA service disruptions cause confusion for Queens commuters

Emotions were running high Saturday morning for commuters in Queens.

There is no 7 and N train service between Queens and Manhattan this weekend.

What You Need To Know

  • Weekend service disruptions began today and will last until April 2024 for 7 and N train service
  • The city says an accessibility project is causing the disruptions and the project is estimated to cost around $74 million
  • The bulk of the weekend work will be in January
  • The MTA is providing updates for commuters on their website and their app

The service disruption stems from ongoing work to improve the 7 line and a project aimed at making the Queensboro Plaza station more accessible.

Some riders hoping to catch a train Saturday morning were diverted to other subway stops to reach their destination.

“When the subway just went up with the fares, sometimes you get on the subway and the cars don’t work, and I pay a monthly fee too, so that’s even more disheartening. More than once that happened to me,” said Mack Randall, a longtime New Yorker and regular MTA rider. “I’m just fed up. I figure in the next year or two maybe, I might get out of the city. I’m tired of this.”

The city says the accessibility project is estimated to cost around $74 million, an investment the MTA says will improve access for those with disabilities.

The work is expected to last through April 2024. The bulk of the weekend work will be in January.

“I really think it should be accessible to everyone. It’s just frustrating for us right now. I wish they would just give us a clear solution so we are not here caught up trying to figure it out on a Saturday morning,” said Sophia Visanji, a doctor who was rushing to get into work in Manhattan Saturday and had to take an alternative route.

The MTA is providing service updates and alternate transportation options for commuters on their website and their app.

And the MTA says the Queensboro Plaza station will be fully accessible by mid-2024.


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