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DJ Pikachu Party Plate, Mimikyu's Milk Mousse Crepe, and More Adorable Pokémon Themed Food and Drink for Halloween 2023 at Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan has a lot to offer during the Halloween season, from fun to frightening. This year, Pokémon have joined in on the spooky celebration and several specialty items have been added to the menu at Studio Stars Cafe. You can catch a couple Pokémon during the Pokémon Jumpin’ Halloween Party or on your plate at the Studio Stars Restaurant. Take a look at the adorable new Pokémon foods you can find at Universal Studios Japan.

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Guests visiting during the Halloween season can enjoy a special menu this year that includes several Pokemon themed items. DJ Pikachu and DJ Gengar are featured on the two main plates.

DJ Gengar Night After Night Halloween Party Plate – ¥2,400

Pork cutlet with three different types of curry (Keema curry, black curry, and European style curry) with black rice and Gengar-shaped pickled veggies

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DJ Pikachu Groovy Halloween Party Plate – ¥2,400

Red wine beef stew, potato gratin, rice corn

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Banette’s Jumpin’ Chocolate Cake – ¥950

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Copycat! Mimikyu’s Milk Mousse Crepe – ¥1,100

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Misdreavus’s Trick!? Grape Jelly Soda – ¥700

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Universal Studios Japan has several other cute specialty food offerings for the Halloween season, but these Pokémon dishes are hard to beat. Which one of these Pokémon dishes would you choose?

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