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A new residential cruise ship will let travelers live at sea while it sails around the world every 3.5 years — take a look at its condos starting at $100,000

  • Villa Vie Residences’ future residential cruise ship will circumnavigate the world every 3.5 years in May 2024.
  • Travelers can buy a cabin starting at $100,000 or travel on cheaper and shorter segments of the itinerary.
  • Villa Vie’s CEO says the company will close on a ship by the end of this year.

A new residential cruise ship startup has plans to begin sailing around the world in May 2024. But unlike the only one currently in operation (a luxury concept with multi-million-dollar condos), cabins on Villa Vie Residences’ future ship will start at $100,000.

Over the last year, condominium-at-sea concepts have flooded the market. Relatively new companies like Victoria Cruises Line and Life at Sea Cruises say they will give travelers the chance to spend years at sea sailing and living on refurbished ships. However, both have faced shake-ups like postponements or a change in vessels.

Meanwhile, Storylines is taking a different approach by building its own residential ship, although the company has had to delay its sail date as well.


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