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Surge of tourists flock to Pattaya for unforgettable weekend

Bali Hai Pier serves as the central hub for maritime adventures, as tourists gather to board ferry boats to Koh Larn Island and other exotic isles in the Gulf of Thailand.

PATTAYA, Thailand Oct 13 – Pattaya is currently experiencing a surge in Thai and international tourists, as visitors flock to its sandy shores since Oct 13 marking the beginning of a long weekend. The city saw busy roads, particularly Sukhumvit and Second Roads filled with vehicles heading to the beachfront and Bali Hai Pier which serves as the central hub for maritime adventures.

Pattaya’s commitment to safety was evident through a robust police presence, ensuring smooth traffic flow and prioritizing the safety of both life and property. The bustling parking areas, from fee-based facilities to the open Bali Hai blue zone, indicated the city’s growing popularity as a prime vacation destination.

Roads in and around the city were packed with vehicles heading to the Pattaya and Jomtien shorelines where families frolicked on the sandy beaches.

As the long weekend unfolded, Pattaya upheld its reputation as a top-tier tourist destination, with vibrant scenes of joyous families and adventurous friends adding to the city’s charm. Beyond the beaches, Pattaya’s culture enticed visitors with offerings ranging from delectable street food to lively nightlife, promising an experience beyond the ordinary.

Looking ahead, the city is poised to maintain its allure, anticipating the next long weekend from October 21 to 23. Pattaya stands ready to embrace a new wave of travellers, offering not just a vacation but a journey into the heart of an enchanting coastal paradise.


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