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I stayed in a tiny airport hotel for $57 after a 12-hour flight to Korea. The windowless room was exactly what I needed to fight the jet lag.

  • Last month, I stayed at a $57 airport hotel in Seoul after a 12-hour flight from the US.
  • The room included a twin bed and a shower, but I had to share a bathroom with other guests.
  • The experience was like staying in a glorified hostel, and I think its perfect for managing jet lag.

When I fly to Asia from the US, I try to choose flights that get me to my destination in the morning so I can power through the day and get over the jet lag quickly.

Most times, I arrive after sunrise when cities are already up and moving — perfect timing for me.

My recent 12-hour flight to Seoul, however, was different. Our scheduled landing time was 4:00 a.m., and we ended up arriving even earlier than planned.

Considering the early hour, I looked into a few nap options that didn’t involve sleeping on an airport floor. One was to pay for the previous night at my hotel so I could just check in that morning, which would be costly.

Korea’s Incheon International Airport had a better solution — a $57 capsule hotel. Take a look inside the tiny room, which I found perfect for beating jet lag.


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