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Fewer flights and even calls for closure. What's happening at Cape Cod Gateway Airport?

Cape Cod Gateway Airport sits on 623 acres in Hyannis at the heart of Barnstable, nearly the midway point between the Upper, Mid and Lower Cape.

“The airport has been around since the 1920s,” manager Katie Servis told the Times during a recent exclusive tour of the facility. “This is an airport that has been considered one of the most important to the Cape and Islands.”

Centrally located and strategically positioned, the airport seems like it would be a hub for transportation to and from the region — or at the very least, a viable alternative given the lack of consistent commuter rail service and the 88-year-old canal bridges, with their continual traffic woes.

A Coast Guard plane shares the taxiway with a private jet in September as they prepare to take off at the Cape Cod Gateway Airport in Hyannis. The Coast Guard from Air Station Cape Cod is staging some of their aircraft in Hyannis since runway work is underway at Joint Base Cape Cod.

But Gateway Airport has seen a significant decline in overall flight operations and passenger travel over the last decade.

The decline in operations, coupled with environmental concerns regarding FAA-required fire fighting foams containing PFAS, has led some residents in the surrounding community to be skeptical of the airport’s necessity and overall utility — in some cases calling for its closure in the face of infrastructure upgrade efforts like the proposed $22 million runway expansion.


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