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New rules planned for beach concessions to businesses

New rules planned for beach concessions to businesses


The competent services of the National Economy and Finance Ministry are reportedly preparing new legislation concerning the framework governing the leasing of areas on beaches and coasts by tourist enterprises. 

The objective is to improve coast protection, the general reputation of Greek tourism, as well as the unrestricted access to beaches of people in accordance with the Constitution.

A staggering 1,750 violations of beaches and shorelines by businesses were confirmed by authorities in 4,500 inspections conducted between July 21 and September 30 in 41 regional units around the country.

Of the 1,750 infringements, the majority concerned the placing of umbrella seats on the seashore in an area larger than the one granted, while there were several cases where the occupation was completely arbitrary, without the existence of a relevant concession agreement. 


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