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Qatar Airways' Boarding Music, By Dana Al Fardan

I realize I care more about airline boarding music than most, but I just wanted to give Qatar Airways a quick shoutout, as the airline has just released yet another new boarding music track.

Qatar Airways’ brilliant boarding music trilogy

Qatar Airways has long played a custom boarding music track, which many people associate with the airline. Qatar Airways has taken such an awesome approach to this, as the carrier’s music is composed by Dana Al Fardan, who is a Qatari composer and songwriter.

What’s so cool is that she didn’t just produce one track for the airline, but she has actually composed three distinct tracks, which have been released over time.

Just recently, Qatar Airways started playing the newest track, known as “The Ascent.”

Prior to that, and up until recently, the airline played “The Dawn” as the standard boarding music.

And then there was the original track that debuted before that, which was known as “The Awakening.”

With the latest boarding music having now been released, all three of the tracks from Al Fardan are out. Gosh, I just love all three of them, and think they set such a good tone for boarding, as they’re calming. I also love when airlines highlight local culture, so it’s cool how Qatar Airways commissioned a Qatari composer for the job.

While I love all three tracks, I think “The Awakening” is my favorite, followed by “The Dawn,” followed by “The Ascent.”

While we’re on the topic of Al Fardan, it’s worth noting that Doha’s Hamad International Airport also has an official song, named “The Beginning.” This was also composed by her.

Why I like and care about airline boarding music

I’ve written frequently in the past about my favorite airline boarding music. Why do I find airline boarding music to be so interesting? Well, there are a few reasons:

  • An airline that puts thought into its boarding music is typically going to be a detail-oriented company, and it very much sets the tone for the attention to detail you can expect; it’s no surprise that many of my favorite airline brands also have among my favorite boarding music
  • Many of us associate various experiences in life with certain music; travel is a big part of many peoples’ lives, and the music we hear as we board a plane may be memorable to us
  • Boarding can be a stressful time for passengers, so having a calming track in the background can nicely counter that
  • To be honest, I literally listen to airline boarding music for hours per day, as it’s the perfect background music while working; there are typically no vocals, and I find it to be soothing

Bottom line

Qatar Airways has recently started playing its latest boarding music track, which is the third and last track from Qatari composer Dana Al Fardan. I love all three of the songs, and I hope the airline works with the same composer in the future on more tracks.

Anyone else enjoy Qatar Airways’ boarding music as much as I do? Which of the three tracks is your favorite?


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