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Early Addition: NYC has a new 'it' onion

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Good Friday morning in New York City, where Gov. Kathy Hochul has a favorite catchphrase.

Here’s what else is happening:

  • “There would be a lot more crews available to work if the public would just stop whipping our asses”: Subway delays caused by staffing shortages have been steadily rising this year, with the transit workers’ union blaming an uptick in attacks on employees.
  • Meanwhile, the MTA has unveiled plans to eventually extend the Second Avenue Q line up to 125th Street and then westward all the way to 125th Street and Broadway.
  • You know that classic fall feeling when you hit the road, make it out of the city, get upstate where there’s nothing but fresh air and foliage, and then a rat who hitched a ride all the way from Brooklyn comes crawling out of your engine onto the hood?
  • Sweet Garleek, a new kind of designer onion (half garlic, half leek), is flying off the shelves at New York City Whole Foods stores.
  • A man who broke into Windsor Castle in 2021 with the intention of murdering the late Queen Elizabeth II with a crossbow has been sentenced to nine years in an English prison.
  • “Do we live in a society?”: In-flight tantrum videos are everything. 
  • No one wants to be an accountant.
  • Everyone wants to be a snail girl.
  • And finally, the wink:


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