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Passengers clap and cheer as a man is booted off their flight by police

Ryanair passengers clap and cheer as a man is booted off their flight after it was diverted to France instead of landing in Ibiza.

The travellers had hoped to reach the holiday island today, direct from Liverpool John Lennon Airport, but Ryanair confirmed the Boeing 737 was diverted to Bordeaux before the man was kicked off. The airline said he “became disruptive inflight”.

Footage shared on Twitter shows authorities having to help the man to his feet and escort him down the aisle to leave the plane. Other passengers cheer and clap in the 45-second clip.

At one point, the tourist is seen to fall backwards on to one of the rows, before awkwardly making his way to the exit.

As the man finally reaches the front of the plane, a Police Nationale officer joins in with the fuss, jeering: ‘Olé!’

Ryanair confirmed the Boeing 737 from Liverpool John Lennon Airport was forced to divert to Bordeaux after ‘a passenger became disruptive inflight’.

A spokesman said: ‘Crew called ahead for police assistance and the aircraft was met by local police upon arrival who removed the passenger.’

The plane took off from Liverpool at 12:40pm on Tuesday, October 3, headed for Ibiza – but was forced to land early after a passenger became ‘disruptive’.

Just over an hour into the flight, the plane diverted towards Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport, landing at 3:29pm local time.

Police met the plane on the tarmac, Ryanair confirmed, and escorted the ‘disruptive’ passenger off the flight.


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