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Milestone: Southwest Airlines Has Taken Delivery Of 1,000 Boeing 737s


  • Southwest Airlines achieves major milestone with the delivery of its 1000th Boeing 737 aircraft, showcasing its commitment to technologically advanced and efficient planes.
  • With its single fleet type of Boeing 737 aircraft, Southwest is the largest operator of the 737 family, highlighting its dedication to a streamlined and standardized operations model.
  • Its latest MAX 8 came with a commemorative plate installed by Boeing.

The world’s largest low-cost carrier, Southwest Airlines, has reached a major milestone as it has taken delivery of its 1000th Boeing 737 aircraft. The 737 MAX 8 aircraft delivered to the airline comes complete with a commemorative ownership plate installed by Boeing. The news comes just over a month after the airline took delivery of its 200th Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft.

The 1000th Boeing 737

The United States’ largest domestic carrier by offered seats has taken the delivery of its 1000th Boeing 737 aircraft. This marks a major milestone in the airline’s continued mission to offer technologically advanced and efficient aircraft to its customers. The newly delivered jet features a metal plate commemorating the milestone. The plate reads,

1000th Boeing 737 Delivered to Southwest Airlines September 2023.

Southwest solely operates the Boeing 737 and currently has a fleet of 878 planes; it’s the world’s largest operator of the Boeing 737 family.

UPDATE: 2023/10/02 11:19 EST BY DR. OMAR MEMON

Southwest Airlines statement

Southwest Airlines commented to Simple Flying,

“Southwest is proud to operate only the Boeing 737 – leading to a more than 52-year history of efficiency and predictability for our Customers – and is the largest worldwide operator of the aircraft. We look forward to a continued successful relationship with our friends at Boeing.”

Ensuring operational efficiency

With its investment in fuel-efficient aircraft, the airline ensures operational efficiency across its network. With constant aircraft deliveries coming its way, the airline continues to recover from the pandemic-related disruptions.

Southwest Airlines Destination 225 Boeing 737-8 MAX Rising Past SEA Tower

Photo: Joe Kunzler | Simple Flying

According to the Chief Operating Officer at Southwest Airlines, Andrew Waterson,

“Providing reliable, low-cost air travel, complemented by exceptional Customer Service, has been the cornerstone of Southwest’s Purpose for more than 51 years. Our ongoing efforts to restore our network to pre-pandemic levels and fly the full fleet reflect our dedication to strengthening our operational reliability, boosting resiliency in response to everchanging market dynamics, and ultimately better serving our Customers and supporting our Employees.”

In recent months, the airline has been taking delivery of new aircraft every week. In a period of four months, between May and August, the airline took delivery of over 25 737 MAX aircraft in total.

Taking new aircraft deliveries frequently also means that the airline is continuously lowering the average fleet age of its aircraft. According to, the current average fleet age at Southwest is 11.7. The airline aims to phase out all of its aging Boeing 737-700s in the coming years.

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737

Photo: Around The World Photos | Shutterstock

A promising 737 order book for Southwest

Southwest Airlines has heavily invested in the new generation of Boeing’s narrowbodies. The airline enjoys a healthy order book of 462 737 MAX aircraft across all variants. That includes 192 MAX 7s and 270 MAX 8s. According to the most recent Southwest Airlines One Report,

“We have a robust order book with Boeing for 737 aircraft, including the -7 aircraft, the successor aircraft to the -700 model. Our order book offers tremendous flexibility for our fleet plans through 2030, and underscores our commitment to modernizing our fleet with more fuel-efficient aircraft.

“As compared with the prior generation of 737 aircraft, the -8 and -7 aircraft provide increased range, improved flight deck capabilities, a quieter engine, and approximately 14% greater fuel efficiency.”

What are your thoughts on the major milestone of the 1000th Boeing 737 aircraft achieved by Southwest Airlines? Tell us in the comments section.


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