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LATAM A320 Collision With Truck – What Happened?


You may remember the unbelievable collision between a truck and Latam A320 aircraft back in November 2022. Whilst all passengers and crew made it out safely tragically both firefighters in the truck involved were killed. The final report as to ‘what happened’ has been released this week with a lengthy number of contributing factors.

But first, here’s an incredible video of the accident.

So what happened?

If you’re new to this story or would like a refresh before reading further, read the original story here.

According to Aviation Herald here’s the list of contributing factors.

During the LATAM aircrafts takeoff run, a Lima Airport Rescue Vehicle entered the runway without clearance by the control tower while in a response time exercise from the new fire station and collided with the aircraft. This chain of events was caused by lack of joint planning, poor coordination and non-use of ICAO standardized communication and phraseology.

Contributing factors were:

– Failure to hold a briefing meeting between the airport and Civil Aviation Authority after the first response time exercise to determine errors, deficiencies, discrepancies, missing materials and procedural shortcomings in the development of the exercise in order to arrange improvements for an optimal execution of the second response time exercise.

– The Civil Aviation Authority’s (CORPAC) acceptance of the proposal by the airport to carry the response time exercise out from partially implemented facilities that had not officially been handed over to control by CORPAC

– No meetings were held between CORPAC and airport to assess hazards, manage risks and mitigation actions with respect to the new areas and facilities of the airport

– Failure to hold a joint meeting between CORPAC and airport to plan the execution of the second response time exercise, which would participating personnel permitted to know clearly concept and details of the exercise

– Failure to provide instructions to control tower and emergency services for the execution of the second exercise permitting tower controllers to familiarize themselves with the location, designation and operational functioning of new aircraft and vehicle taxiways

– Incorrect application of aeronautical communication principles (clarity and precision) generated a wrong interpretation with CORPAC tower controllers of the execution of the exercise

– The tower controllers did not realize that by permitting the airport to remove the safety cones the only lane for the emergency vehicles to enter the runway was opened

– The erroneous interpretation by airport rescue services that the clearance to begin the response time exercise also included the clearance to enter the runway

– The aerodrome and surface controllers received information about the training exercise only minutes prior to its start, insufficient time to assess the hazards and risks

– Failure to use standard ICAO phraseology for communications between airport rescue services and the control tower


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