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New Era: Saudia Launches Major Rebrand


  • Saudia’s fresh brand update aligns with its commitment to digital transformation and support for Saudi Vision 2030.
  • The new brand image revisits a logo, font, and livery, incorporating green, blue, and sand colors.
  • The airline’s rebranding efforts demonstrate its commitment to becoming a leader in the Middle East.

Saudia Arabia’s national airline has unveiled a fresh look, signaling the start of a new chapter for Saudia. This update aligns with the airline’s broader plan to embrace “digital transformation” and enhance its support for Saudi Vision 2030, the country’s long-term strategy to diversify its economy.

Meet the transformed Saudia

The brand association holds significant influence in any industry, particularly in aviation. In a recent update, Saudia has refreshed its brand appearance by introducing a revised logo and incorporating three primary colors: green, blue, and sand. However, the new Saudia brand image may appear familiar, as it revisits a logo, font, and livery previously used by the carrier between 1971 and 1996.

Saudia's Boeing 787 with a new livery

Photo: Saudia

According to the airline, it used green to represent national pride, blue to symbolize Saudi Group’s ambitions, signifying both the seas and skies and the sand color is inspired by desert dunes, representing the rich heritage of Saudi Arabia.

Another aspect of the airline’s fresh identity naturally includes the design of its aircraft livery. Saudia’s aircraft livery features green and blue stripes that cover the mid-fuselage. The predominant color in the new aircraft livery is green, which includes the airline’s logo on the tail and “Saudia” underneath the aircraft. The refreshed logo features a large palm tree against a triangular background reminiscent of an aircraft shape.

Saudia's new livery

Photo: Saudia

Commenting on the airline’s transformed look, His Excellency Engr. Ibrahim Al-Omar, Director General of Saudia Group, said:

“We are experiencing a new era and a very exciting time for Saudia. Our airline has evolved from a Douglas DC-3 aircraft in 1945 to a 140-aircraft modern fleet serving over 100 destinations, becoming one of the largest airlines in the region.

“The name and logo of Saudia are integral parts of the Kingdom’s aviation history and development, and our people share a special emotional connection with the brand. We have incorporated this rich heritage into our new identity, adding elements that reflect our visionary approach, poised to captivate the world.”

The airline has also introduced new uniforms for cabin crew and ground staff. Similar to the old uniforms, the new uniforms feature dark blue colors.

“Digital transformation”

When reviewing the airline’s statement, one phrase that stood out was “digital transformation,” which the airline emphasized multiple times. And indeed, the airline aims to transform itself digitally.

Saudia's new aircraft livery

Photo: Saudia

Saudia launched generative Artificial Intelligence as a virtual assistant for passengers named “SAUDIA.” The new AI service is designed to address all information and travel-related needs. This new service will leverage the capabilities of OpenAI’s ChatGPT 4.

“The ambitious, long-planned digital transformation, fully improves customer experience, but also allows more streamlined operations and processes while ensuring the highest levels of protection of guests’ personal data, through strong partnerships with global leading companies,” the airline said in a statement.

The new rebrand does not appear to be mere lip service. The airline is committed to becoming a global leader, particularly within the Middle East, where competition has been intense and continues to grow with new entrants like Riyadh Air.

What are your thoughts on Saudia’s new look? Let us know in the comments section below.


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