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Sip Champagne or Chocolat Chaud on Main Street U.S.A. with New Disney100 Flute & Mug at Disneyland Paris

Adults can enjoy the picturesque view of Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant and partake in the celebration of The Walt Disney Company’s centennial anniversary in grand fashion with the Disney100 champagne flute now available at Disneyland Paris. The glass is currently being sold at the park alongside a Disneyland Paris-exclusive Disney100 mug.

Disney100 Drinkware Souvenirs at Disneyland Paris

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Both the collector’s flute and souvenir mug are available at Victoria’s Home-Style Restaurant on Main Street U.S.A. The champagne flute can also be purchased at the ‘Main Street Refreshments’ (not an official name) bike cart near The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour.

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Disney100 Champagne Flute – €16 ($16.91) for Flute, €20 ($21.14) for Flute with Champagne

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Sip champagne as you stroll down Main Street U.S.A. with this double-walled collector’s flute. The glass can be purchased by itself or with a serving of park-exclusive brut champagne for an additional €4.

The plastic glass is slightly clouded at the base and becomes more transparent near the rim, allowing for a crystal-clear view of the champagne and the celebratory iconography.

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A reflective silver silhouette of Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant appears on one side of the glass. The castle, known in English as “Sleeping Beauty Castle,” takes some aesthetic cues from Mont Saint-Michel in the Normandy region of France and has served as the icon of Disneyland Park since its opening in 1992. Stars stretch from the bottom of the castle down the glass, leading to the Disneyland Paris logo.

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The other side of the flute features the Disney100 logo in the same shiny silver material.

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Disneyland Paris started serving alcoholic beverages shortly after its opening and was the first Disney ‘castle park’ to readily serve alcohol. Though Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World started selling alcoholic beverages in 2012 and Disneyland followed suit in 2019, Disneyland Paris remains the only castle park where guests can purchase and consume an alcoholic drink from a cart on Main Street U.S.A. The park has sold celebratory flutes in the past, most recently for its 30th anniversary in 2022.

Disney100 Souvenir Mug – €16 ($16.91) for Mug, €18 ($19.02) for Mug with Hot Beverage

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Enjoy a Parisian coffee or chocolat chaud in this Disneyland Paris-exclusive Disney100 mug. Disney characters stretch around the white mug in their celebratory platinum outfits. Chip ‘n’ Dale, Minnie Mouse, and Goofy appear on the side of the cup that features the Disneyland Paris logo; all of the characters are depicted in vintage fashion.

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Mickey Mouse appears atop an angular design while donning his festive threads. Purple stars and sun icons fill the mug’s negative space.

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Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Pluto wrap around the other side of the mug. The Disney100 logo appears on this side of the cup above the words “Years of Wonder,” spelling out the formal name of the Disney100 celebrations across Disney’s global parks.

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The mug can hold 270 milliliters, or just over nine ounces, of liquid.

Will you be picking up the new Disney100 champagne flute and souvenir mug at Disneyland Paris? Have you ever had the opportunity to enjoy a flute of champagne on Main Street U.S.A.? Let us know in the comments.

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