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Ranking Every Bathroom in Magic Kingdom from Gross to Glorious

There is ONE thing every single guest has to do at Magic Kingdom — use the restroom.

Cinderella Castle

We know many of you are passionate about restrooms in Disney World. Hey, a nice bathroom can really make a difference. We’ve brought you the best top-secret ones before and even the unspoken rules of Disney World bathrooms. Now, we are ranking every single Magic Kingdom bathroom.

We’re going from the worst to the best bathrooms inside of the kingdom. We are excluding restrooms located inside table service restaurants because if you are not dining there, you won’t have access to them. Let’s get into it.

20. City Hall Restrooms

Main Street Restrooms

There are a few reasons this falls at the bottom of the list, but mainly, it has to do with location. This bathroom is the only one found on Main Street, U.S.A. and it is extremely crowded. It gets the guests both coming into the park and leaving the park. Due to it being crowded, it can get dirty quickly and while the Cast Members do a great job, they obviously can’t clean behind every person.

19. The Plaza Restaurant Restrooms

Plaza Restrooms

This restroom is located between the Plaza restaurant and Tomorrowland Terrace. It is outside of the restaurant, which allows easy access. It can see a lot of traffic, especially around parades or firework times when lots of people are gathered in the hub. Skip this one and keep reading for a better alternative.

18. Cosmic Ray’s Restrooms

Cosmic Ray’s

Inside Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, you’ll find restrooms in a tight hallway. These bathrooms are packed around mealtime because there are a lot of guests who dine here. Also, they can be a pain to get to. The bathrooms being inside of a very busy restaurant can make them gross as well.

17. Pinocchio Village Haus Restrooms

Pinocchio Village Haus Restrooms

The Pinocchio Village Haus restrooms are located outside of the restaurant and are the main bathrooms located in Fantasyland. They are heavily trafficked by those dining at the restaurant, but mainly by guests in Fantasyland.

16. Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies Restrooms

Auntie Gravity’s Restrooms

Our reporters joke that they avoid these ones at all cost. They are usually very crowded due to their location between Star Traders and Auntie Gravity’s. They are easy to get to along the main pathway that connects Tomorrowland to Fantasyland. These bathrooms are smaller as well, so we often see a line forming here. With so many other great choices in Tomorrowland, skip these.

15. Pecos Bill Tall Tale Restrooms

Pecos Bill

Similar to the Cosmic Ray’s restrooms, these are also busy with guests dining at the restaurant. Unless you are already inside the restaurant, we recommend skipping these and hitting up two other ones very close by which will have more privacy.

14. Tangled Restrooms

Tangled bathroom

While theming for these restrooms is 10/10, that doesn’t completely make up for how crowded these are. We often see a line here as the restroom does not offer too many stalls, and it’s a busy area. It is also located by the stroller parking for rides like Small World and Peter Pan, which can make the area as a whole chaotic. Everyone loves visiting these because of the theming, but just look at them from the outside. Also, JUSTICE FOR RAPUNZEL — who deserves more than just a bathroom area.

13. Casey’s Corner Restroom

Casey’s Corner Restroom

These bathrooms are located outside of Casey’s Corner — near First Aid and BabyCare. While these bathrooms are huge, they do get very busy. Similar to the Plaza restrooms, they are easily accessible to guests in The Hub and on Main Street. They do seem to be cleaner usually and do not form a large line.

12. Guest Relations Restrooms

Magic Kingdom bathrooms

These restrooms are located outside of the entrance at Magic Kingdom next to the Guest Relations and Ticket windows. These are busy during the peak times of park open and close, and occasionally around 2PM when people are park hopping, but they’re a good choice the rest of the time if you’re outside the park.

11. Rockettower Plaza Stage Restrooms

Restrooms located near Space Mountain

These bathrooms are located behind the stage in Tomorrowland near Space Mountain. They are large and usually very clean. This is a great alternative to Auntie Gravity’s bathrooms. There is even a long bench for your party to wait for you.

10. Cheshire Cat Restrooms

Cheshire Cafe

These restrooms are tucked away beside Fairytale Gardens and the Cheshire Cafe. These don’t offer a lot of stalls, but they are somehow not as busy as other bathrooms. This path isn’t as heavily traveled, so that could be a reason.

9. Fantasyland Railroad Station Restrooms

Fantasyland Railroad Restrooms

These are located at the train station at Storybook Circus. They are toward the back of the land, which makes them more private. However, the splash pad is located right in front of these bathrooms, so the floor can be wet from the foot traffic.

8. Tomorrowland Terrace Restrooms

Tomorrowland Terrace

These restrooms are located inside Tomorrowland Terrace. They are easily accessible during the day as long as there are no private events happening. At night, these are blocked off for those attending the fireworks dessert party. These are very private if they are open.

7. Pirates of the Caribbean Restrooms

Restrooms Near Pirates of the Caribbean

These are located next to Pirates of the Caribbean and the Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar gift shop. They are tucked away, so many guests miss them when walking by. They are usually quiet, less crowded, and even have that great air conditioning the ride has.

6. Adventureland Breezeway Restrooms

Frontierland Adventureland breezeway bathrooms

These can get very crowded, as they are between Adventureland and Frontierland. The breezeway is used by many guests to cut between the lands and therefore, the restrooms are busy. They are huge, though, and offer a lot of stalls.

5. TRON Restrooms

TRON restrooms

These bathrooms are the newest in Magic Kingdom and opened with the ride in April. They are less frequented than other bathrooms because they are off the path and are usually only used by those riding TRON. We also appreciate the modern theming of this bathroom.

4. Gaston’s Tavern Restrooms

Bathrooms by Gaston’s Tavern

The bathrooms located by Gaston’s Tavern are great. They are usually less crowded and very clean. Since they are tucked in a corner away from popular attractions, they are one of our favorite restrooms.

3. Columbia Harbour House Restrooms

Columbia Harbour House

Alright, we know we already told you the restrooms in restaurants can be busy, BUT Columbia Harbour House is the exception. They have restrooms located on the second floor of the restaurant that are perfect. While smaller in size, many guests don’t know they exist, so they are not used as much and are usually very clean.

2. Frontierland Railroad Station Restrooms

Located by Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

Right now, these are THE bathrooms our reporters are loving. They are very private, as they are next to the construction happening at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. They are clean and it is so quiet back there right now. However, this will all change next year when the attraction opens — but until then, we will appreciate them!

1. Tortuga Tavern Restrooms

These are the BEST bathrooms in our reporters’ opinions. They are off the beaten path and hidden inside of Tortuga Tavern, which is not always open — so many guests don’t hang around here. This is the perfect alternative to the bathrooms in Pecos Bill’s.

Magic Kingdom

That’s a wrap on our very important ranking of Magic Kingdom bathrooms! We hope this helps you on your next Disney World trip. Stay tuned to for more.

The Unspoken Rules About Disney World Bathrooms

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What is your favorite bathroom at Magic Kingdom? Let us know below. 


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