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American Express Cancels “Dining By Amex” Credit In The Nordics (Perhaps Other Markets Too?)

American Express has benefits for its cards that vary between markets, and Platinum cardholders in Nordics have been eligible for a Dining by Amex credit since 2022

You have been able to get 200 euro credit for wining and dining at select restaurants in the country your card was issued + another 200 euro credit for select restaurants elsewhere.

American Express sent a long-winded email about some updates to the card. At the end of the email, surprise – surprise, was a note that this Dining by Amex credit goes away at the end of 2023 in Finland, and the same also applies to Sweden.

It is unclear if American Express is also winding down this benefit in other markets where it is one of the Platinum card features.

In Sweden and Finland, American Express plans to extend dinner for two benefit that has been available for cardholders thrice a year at select restaurants.

American Express Email (Google Translate from Finnish):

My Dining by Amex Experience:

Issues With New Amex Platinum Global Dining Credits?

UPDATE: Issues With New Amex Platinum Global Dining Credits? (RESOLVED)


The monthly Amex Platinum fee in Finland is currently 65 euros and comes with limited benefits, of which perhaps the Priority Pass is the most significant.

The travel insurance may first sound great, but it requires you to put at least 75% of the travel expenses into the Platinum card; that is a costly option if you consider the FX fees for non-euro charges and the awful Membership Rewards conversion partners and ratios.

The Dinner for Two may sound great, but there are always very few restaurants where this is available, and weekdays and times are usually far from ideal. Also, the set menu you can avail yourself is always limited, and all beverages are extras.

The Dining by Amex credit breakage was probably not as high as Amex had hoped (people used their benefit) and cost them too much. This Dinner for Two won’t provide the same “value.”

It is probably time to cancel this card, and Amex won’t care; at least, they don’t in the Nordics. I guess they prefer having “zombies” as cardholders who merely pay the monthly fee and don’t use it.


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