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Hundreds of travelers say Delta Air Lines app and website 'not working'

Issue resolved

Delta confirmed to The US Sun that the issues with their mobile app and website have been resolved.

There was no impact on airport or flying operations.

Delta said in a statement: “Delta teams worked intently behind-the-scenes to solve for a known technology vendor issue affecting the ability for customers to call Delta Reservations centers and disrupted some Fly Delta app functionality for a short time Thursday afternoon.

“We apologize to our customers for any inconvenience.”

Reports have dropped

Only about 74 users are now reporting issues with the Delta app and website.

Reports began to drop around 6.30pm ET.

Why the change?

Since Covid, Delta has seen a massive increase in Elite travelers, leading to long lines for the sought-after lounges.

“It’s gotten to the point, honestly, where we have so much demand for our premium product and services that are far in excess of our ability to serve it effectively in terms of our assets,” Mr. Bastian added.

He revealed that just since Covid, the airline nearly doubled the number of Diamond Medallion status members.

CNBC also reported that Delta will be announcing the updated program changes in the following weeks.


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