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Qantas Pilots Call For Chairman's Resignation


  • Qantas’ chairman accepted a significant pay rise while pilots faced a two-year pay freeze, leading to dissatisfaction among pilots.
  • The Australian and International Pilots Association calls for the chairman to step down and for a “major reset” of the airline’s culture.
  • The airline’s reputation has been tarnished by scandals, including credit expiry and misleading passengers, leading to a loss of trust from customers and pilots.

For Australian flag carrier Qantas (QF), the drama continues with the latest revelation that its chairman accepted an AU $100,000 (64,000) pay rise, while pilots were expected to live without an increase.

Qantas’ reputation currently is in tatters, with beef from many of its most loyal customers and crew. Several scandals have occurred, such as its previous CEO, Alan Joyce, accepting millions in bonuses and then stepping down early, to expiration of credits with the airline accrued when borders shut over the pandemic.

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For the chairman, Richard Goyder, it was revealed he had accepted the substantial pay rise; while pilots were expected to swallow a two-year pay freeze.

Pilots aren’t impressed.

The Australian and International Pilots Association has suggested that the chairman step down, encouraging the airline to commence a ‘major reset,’ given the culture of the current airline cannot improve with the likes of Goyder around.

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During the pandemic, Goyder oversaw one of the most challenging times in aviation history globally. Goyder was part of the illegal dismissal of over 1,700 staff as airlines looked to release employees when airlines were grounded. Further, there have been multiple accusations of the flying kangaroo marketing seats for already canceled flights, further misleading passengers.

Removing expiration dates on outstanding airline credits currently has a value for its customers nearing AU $570 million ($366 million).

Goyers salary

With the chairman’s salary now sitting at AU $750,000 ($481,000), many pilots have now claimed that continuing to work for the carrier is untenable, with Captain Lucas of Qantas reiterating:

“For our great national carrier to flourish, it needs leadership from a board that understands the value of its employees, respects its customers, and can win back the trust of the nation.”

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Goyder has fought back, telling The World Today that he holds confidence from the rest of the airline board and that the carrier’s significant shareholders and investors want him to remain in his current role.

An apology from the new CEO

The airline’s CEO has also come out with a public apology to all Australians as Qantas looks to rebuild the trust lost by its home country. The new CEO, who has only been in the role for several weeks, highlighted that the airline had let its country down, and she was genuinely sorry for that.

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This all comes when Qatar Airways (QR) recently denied an application to double its frequencies to Australia’s Qantas under the microscope to see if they had a part in the quashed Middle Eastern carrier’s aspirations. A senate inquiry is already underway.

Do you fly with Qantas regularly? What are your opinions on this situation? Let us know in the comments.


  • Qantas has been flying the Boeing 787-9 from Darwin and Sydney to Delhi, India. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying


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