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Delta Air Lines Adds 873 Domestic Widebody Flights In November & December


  • Atlanta and Minneapolis have seen the most increases in November/December.
  • All of Delta’s widebodies will be used domestically at times.
  • Atlanta to San Francisco will have four daily widebody services around Christmas/New Year.

Delta added a considerable amount of domestic widebody flights to what it had already planned this November and December. Some 3,724 flights are down to operate, up from the 2,851 expected last week. Flights using the 306-seat Airbus A350-900 along with the A330-300 and A330neo have particularly increased. The A330-200, which was not down to be used domestically in these months, now will be.

Seven widebody routes added

Examining schedules shows that Delta has added 41% more widebody flights in the festive month of December (always good for demand) and 21% more in November, some related to Thanksgiving. It is possible that some increases might be extended beyond December, but this is presently unknown.

Delta 767-300ER on stand

Photo: Markus Mainka I Shutterstock.

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As you’d expect, the increase is from both additional routes and frequency increases on some already down to see them. Seven more domestic routes now have Delta’s widebodies, as follows, all of which have seen them before. Where frequencies vary to a meaningful degree, I’ve put ‘up to’.


Widebody flights*



Atlanta to San Francisco

Four daily


Begins Dec 15th, ends Dec 31st; four daily from 16th

Atlanta to Detroit

Up to eight weekly

A350-900***, A330-300

Nov 15th-Dec 14th; only one A330 flight (Nov 10th)

Detroit to Orlando

Up to daily

A330-300, A330-200

Nov 3rd-Dec 31st

Atlanta to Minneapolis

Just four

767-300, A330-300

Nov 10th, 11th, 13th, 17th

New York JFK to Salt Lake City

Just three


Nov 3rd, 15th, 16th

New York JFK to Portland

Just once


Nov 2nd

New York JFK to Seattle

Just one


Nov 2nd

* Nov/Dec; can vary

** Ordered by flights *** 306-seat config

**** Based on the direction stated in the routing column

Big increases on five existing routes

They are summarized in the following table. The five now have 664 departing flights across the two months (double for both ways), up from ‘just’ 349 last week. There is no change to Delta’s widebody-operated mainland to Hawaii services, two of which feature in the US’ longest five domestic routes list.

Delta Airbus A350

Photo: Wirestock Creators I Shutterstock.


Widebody flights now planned*

Equipment now planned**


Atlanta to Los Angeles

Mainly four to five daily, but up to six daily

767-300, A350-900***, 767-400ER, A330-300

Six daily on Nov 26th and Dec 8th. Just one A330-300 service (Nov 12th)

Atlanta to Orlando

Mainly two to three daily, but up to six daily

767-300, A330-200, 767-400ER

Six daily on Nov 10th, 17th

Atlanta to Salt Lake City

Daily, but later triple daily

767-300, A350-900****

Triple daily from Dec 16th-31st

New York JFK to San Francisco

Mainly daily, but double daily at times

767-300, A330-300, 767-400ER

Double daily Nov 1st-4th, 11th, 25th, Dec 2nd, 9th

New York JFK to Atlanta

Mainly daily, but double daily at times

767-300, 767-400ER

Double daily Nov 1st-3rd

* Each way; for Nov/Dec

** Ordered by flights; *** 306 and 339-seat configs **** 339-seat config only

^ Based on the direction stated in the routing column

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Sources of information: OAG, Cirium, Delta’s website, Google Flights.


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