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Beached fishing boat still stranded in Newport

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The fishing vessel “Judy,” which ran aground at South Beach State Park in Newport on Sept. 18, remains beached in the area a week later.

U.S. Coast Guard’s Pacific Northwest station spokesperson Travis Magee told KOIN 6 News that a salvage team is working on a plan to remove the boat from its resting place just south of the Yaquina Bay harbor entrance.

However, ocean conditions have prevented the crew from starting the removal work.

“Due to tide conditions posing challenges to removal efforts, the vessel is currently onshore,” Magee said. “The salvage company Willoughby Consulting and Adjusting is working on a plan to remove the vessel from the area.”

The oil spill organization Northwest Fire Fighting Environmental responded to the beaching and did not find any signs of pollution in the area. The USCG is actively monitoring the removal process.

The cause of the beaching is under investigation.


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