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Passenger shocked after couple asked them not to drink wine on flight

While we may be approaching October in just a few days, plane etiquette remains high on the agenda on social media, despite many families having already gone on their summer holidays.

Now, one passenger has been left shocked after a couple sitting next to them on a flight asked them not to drink wine.

Regular flyers or ones that go on the occasion summer getaway will be well aware of the food and drink trolley that comes down the aisle providing refreshments.

And while you can never go wrong with a cup of coffee or good old fashioned British tea, a lot of us will treat ourselves to an alcoholic beverage to really kickstart the holiday.

However, while trying to enjoy a glass of wine on board a flight from Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) in Utah to Dulles International Airport (IAD) in Virginia, one passenger was faced by some far from impressed passengers.

The passenger wanted to enjoy a glass of red on the flight. Credit: Getty Stock Photo
The passenger wanted to enjoy a glass of red on the flight. Credit: Getty Stock Photo

The anonymous passenger took to Reddit to explain their version of events, explaining they were travelling in Delta Comfort+ which meant they were treated to a complimentary beer and wine service on the flight.

They wrote: “While not a native, I currently live in Salt Lake City, so I enjoy having SLC as my Delta hub.

“A few months ago on an early evening flight from SLC to IAD and I was sitting in the window seat in Delta Comfort when an older conservative dressed husband and wife sat in the middle and aisle seats.”

The passenger continued: “When the beverage cart came though, the husband and wife both ordered waters, and I ordered a red wine. The husband turned to me from the aisle seat and stated ‘Please don’t drink that near us, we don’t believe in drinking alcohol.’

“I told the couple not to worry, I was not going to offer them any of my drink.

“The husband grumpily turned away, and wife acted like I was not there. I think the flight attendant was amused by our little exchange as she kept come back to me and offering me refills of my red wine all though the 4ish hour flight, each time the couple would make noise showing how annoyed they were.

The couple certainly didn't enjoy the flight (stock image). Credit: Getty Stock Photo
The couple certainly didn’t enjoy the flight (stock image). Credit: Getty Stock Photo

“As we left the flight, when the flight attendant asked how the flight was at the door, the husband said in a loud voice it was an horrible experience. I told the flight attendant thanks for everything and she said it was her pleasure.”

Many Redditors have flocked to the comment section of the post to provide their thoughts on the plane ettiequte dilemma.

“I think your response was great and perfect!” one person quipped.

And a second added: “Got to love when others force their morals on others… Love the flight attendant for offering more! That would have been my response, order at least 3 more to p*ss them off.”

LADbible has contacted Delta Airlines for a comment.


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