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200 passengers stranded on Kelleys Island ferry in rough water Saturday

LAKESIDE MARBLEHEAD, Ohio — The Goodtime I passenger boat needed to be towed back to land on Saturday evening after an engine problem caused the vessel to lose propulsion near Kelley’s Island.

The boat was on a regular excursion when it became disabled.

The Goodtime I was carrying approximately 200 passengers on board when the engine issues happened. The water was very choppy on Lake Erie at the time of the incident.

It took about an hour for the Coast Guard to reach the ferry, just after 6 p.m.

The Coast Guard says the ferry was large enough that two 45-foot response boats were called in because they were concerned it could have been a mass evacuation situation 

When it was determined that the ferry was too heavy for the response boats a tug boat was called in.

The ferry was finally returned to the dock at 8:43 p.m.

The Coast Guard says although there were no injuries, some passengers had been drinking so some were experiencing sea sickness during the incident. 

The Coast Guard says even for the rescue crews the waves were considered to be rough. 

The Coast Guard’s Marine Safety unit, based in Toledo, is investigating.

The Goodtime I ferry belongs to Lake Erie Island Cruises which runs ferries out of Sandusky.


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