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Crunchy Chicken Bowl From Lufthansa "Onboard Delights" Menu – Live and Let's Fly

Lufthansa has ditched complimentary food in economy class in favor of a buy-on-board menu its calls “Onboard Delights.” I tried the crunchy chicken bowl from dean&david on my Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt. But was it worth the €10.90?

Lufthansa Crunchy Chicken Bowl In Economy Class

Despite eating a rather massive dinner in the La Valette Club at Malta Airport, I wanted to use the rare opportunity of flying Lufthansa in economy class to test out the food for sale. I tried to do so on my last flight, but there was no food left. This time, every menu item was available and I chose the dean&david Crunchy Chicken Bowl, described as:

Bowl with fried chicken fillet strips, Bavarian rice, edamame, fruity mango, fresh baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, pomegranate seeds, crunchy onions, and soy sesame sauce.

The meal was served in a container with wooden cutlery, a napkin, and hand wipe on top.

Opening it, I was impressed by the presentation: the dish was certainly visually appealing.

But the chicken was not great…the pieces were small and the “filet strips” felt like they were the leftover pieces of the chicken molded into strips. No flavor.

I did like the beans, tomatoes, mango, pomegranate seeds, and onions, but I wish there had been a lot more lettuce and lot less “Bavarian rice” which was like a bulgur (though bulgur is a good plant source of protein).

I’m not a soy sauce fan, but thankfully that was on the side…

I’d give this dish a lot higher marks if the chicken was better quality.

Last year Lufthansa had a falafel dish on its menu which I would I hope returns – it is something I would like to try. Truthfully, I will never order this chicken dish again and wish I had tried the tomato mozzarella sandwich or the miso green salad instead.

As an aside, it is possible to reserve your preferred buy-on-board 36 hours or more in advance here. No prepayment is required.

Have you tried the crunchy chicken bowl on Lufthansa? What did you think of it?


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