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PHOTOS: More Paint, Scaffolding Added to Queue Barn as Work Continues on Tiana's Bayou Adventure at Magic Kingdom

Scaffolding long has and continues to encompass the former Splash Mountain attraction as crews continue to work on its transformation into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Magic Kingdom. We spotted scaffolding added to the roof of the Mill House earlier this month and noticed even more scaffolding constructed for the project on a recent trip to the park. The new platforms lead to the roof of the barn in the queue area, with this, in addition to more painting on the barn and the mountain itself, being the most significant recent changes to the attraction.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Construction

Tianas Update Magic Kingdom 09152023 1
Tiana Update Magic Kingdom September 2023 8

Scaffolding now leads directly to the roof of the queue barn, with platforms leading to the barn cupola that hosts a Br’er Rabbit weathervane at its peak. Br’er Rabbit was the protagonist of the Splash Mountain attraction that occupied the impending space of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure from 1992 – 2023. The ride was long deemed controversial due to its inclusion of characters from “Song of the South,” a racially insensitive Walt Disney-produced film released in 1946. The attraction’s ultimate closure and re-theming into a “The Princess and the Frog” attraction was announced in 2020.

There’s no reason to fret about the weathervane’s potential removal just yet, however. Scaffolding has appeared next to the queue barn for weeks as crews paint decorative murals on its side. Crews have also done work on the roof of the barn in the past, and the weathervane has remained unaltered. Some Cast Members have even speculated that the Br’er Rabbit weathervane will remain a part of the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure queue as a nod to an attraction that formerly occupied the space.

Tiana Update Magic Kingdom September 2023 6
Tianas Update Magic Kingdom 09152023 24
Tianas Update Magic Kingdom 09152023 23

We spotted crews doing additional work on the vibrant murals on September 15. The queue barn was painted yellow in July, and work on the murals started in August. Looking further down the barn, crews have added steel frames to a first-story window.

Barn frames Tianas

Work around the barn has also picked up in recent days. We spotted a number of half-circles around the queue area; these may ultimately form flower beds.

Tiana Update Magic Kingdom September 2023 1

We first saw these half-circles around the queue area on September 15. One had been placed in a recently dug ditch, visible in the below photo on the right side.

Tianas Update Magic Kingdom 09152023 15

Blue mesh still appears near the former Frontierland Railroad Station exit ramp and staircase that was dismantled earlier this month.

Tianas Update Magic Kingdom 09152023 16
Tianas Update Magic Kingdom 09152023 9

Crews have also continued to work on the mountain itself, with workers again gathered around the steel mesh dome at the peak. The dome will eventually be covered and blended in with the rockwork around it.

Tianas Update Magic Kingdom 09152023 8
Tianas Update Magic Kingdom 09152023 7

Concrete forms recently added to the right side of the mountain have been painted within the last few days. As seen in the above photos, the rock in this section of the mountain is now a reddish-brown tone. The gray color of the recently set concrete was still visible in our September 13 update.

Tianas Update Magic Kingdom 09152023 5
Tianas Update Magic Kingdom 09152023 10
Tianas Update Magic Kingdom 09152023 17

Crews have also given the mountain a more natural feel throughout the past few days with the addition of more moss. We first noticed moss being added to the attraction facade earlier this summer.

Tianas Update Magic Kingdom 09152023 13
Tianas Update Magic Kingdom 09152023 6
Tianas Update Magic Kingdom 09152023 25

It does not look as though considerable progress has been made in the flume section.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

tianas bayou adventure mama odie

On Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, guests will join Tiana, Naveen, Louis the music-loving alligator, and other characters both familiar and brand new as they embark on an adventure to prepare for a Mardi Gras party. “Dozens” of audio-animatronics will be constructed for the attraction, with ride and queue music set to be composed by award-winning artists PJ Morton and Terence Blanchard. Complementing the New Orleans jazz-inspired soundtrack will be the sweet and appetizing aroma of beignets, which Disney previously announced would be pumped into the queue.

Guests will hear a few familiar voices on the ride, as a number of voice actors, including Anika Noni Rose (Tiana), Bruno Campos (Naveen), and Michael Leon Wooley (Louis), will reprise their roles from the 2009 animated feature. The film was nominated for two Academy Awards (Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song) and remains Disney’s most recent foray into theatrically-released traditional animation.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is currently scheduled to open at both Disneyland and Magic Kingdom in late 2024.

How do you feel about the recent updates at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure? Let us know in the comments.

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