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5 Major EPCOT Announcements That Are Mysteriously Missing

BIG things are happening at EPCOT.


Over the past several years, the park has been undergoing a huge transformation, which has not only brought new rides to EPCOT but has also brought new restaurants and new experiences. Although Disney has revealed the transformation will end in December 2023, we’re still missing announcements about certain projects at the park.

First, here’s a list of everything we DID get with the EPCOT transformation:

Connections Cafe

That is a LOT, but there were other projects in the work for the transformation that we don’t have any updates on. So, let’s look at those.

Dreamer’s Point

Although we’ve seen updates about the statue of Walt Disney coming to EPCOT, we haven’t had any updates about Dreamer’s Point, where the statue is supposed to be situated. This area was initially set to feature a wishing tree and an enchanted forest with a fountain.

Dreamers Point Concept Art ©Disney

However, Disney has not said much about Dreamer’s Point in a while.

Spaceship Earth Update

Spaceship Earth did get new lighting on the outside, but the inside was supposed to see some changes, too. The ride was supposed to get new narration, music, and a new focus. The idea is that the attraction would have guests following a magical “story light” through the ride.

Concept Art for Reimagined Spaceship Earth ©Disney

Well, if you’ve been on Spaceship Earth recently, you’ll know that it’s still taking you through the history of communication, and some argue that it’s still woefully outdated. That’s because the reimagining of Spaceship Earth was put on hold indefinitely in 2020.

Play! Pavilion

Another project that Disney has abandoned is the Play! Pavilion. It was originally set to open in 2021, but we’ve had no updates about it at all. It was supposed to be a digital metropolis with games and experiences where guests could interact with virtual and real Disney characters.


We’ve seen work being done on where the Play! Pavilion was supposed to be located, but it hasn’t been mentioned by Disney in a long time. Disney also removed it from the park map as something that was coming soon.

Wondrous China

Over in the China Pavilion, the current movie, Reflections of China, was supposed to be replaced by a new movie, Wondrous China.


However, we’ve had ZERO updates about the new film in several years.

Mary Poppins Attraction

At one point, the U.K. Pavilion was about to get “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” When Disney first announced the EPCOT transformation, they mentioned a brand new Mary Poppins-themed attraction at the pavilion.

Mary Poppins Attraction Poster ©Disney

However, plans for that attraction were put on pause. We haven’t heard a word from Disney about it since then. We also haven’t seen any signs of construction that could indicate a new attraction happening over in World Showcase.

So, although we did get a LOT of new and updated things for EPCOT, there were still some very cool things in the works that never happened. Disney could look over those projects and decide to move forward with them later, so maybe all is not lost.

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What do you wish had been part of the EPCOT transformation? Let us know in the comments!


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