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Savannah City Council paves way for demolition of midcentury buildings bordering Forsyth Park

Savannah City Council

The Savannah City Council decided Thursday to leave three properties bordering Forsyth Park out of a zone in the Victorian District that shields certain properties from demolition. By leaving the properties outside of what is called the Victorian District Contributing Resources map, these properties remain unprotected from demolition. 

The final vote count was 7-2, with Post 1 At-Large Alderwomen Kesha Gibson-Carter and At-Large Post 2 Alderwomen Alicia Miller Blakely voting to designate the properties as contributing resources. The properties sit at 1001 Whitaker St., 1015 Whitaker St., and 124 West Park Avenue, along the southwest corner of Forsyth Park. 

“The council has to be able to balance the need to retain that which needs to be retained,” said Mayor Van Johnson, “and to also make sure that we are addressing our future and pressing needs.” 


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