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Amtrak announces lower “Night Owl” fares between NYC and Boston

If you don’t mind traveling at night, these new Amtrak train tickets are for you.

This week, Amtrak announced new “Night Owl” fares on select Northeast Corridor (NEC) routes between Boston and New York. Now, Off-Peak hour trains traveling between Washington, D.C. and New York and now New York to Boston (departing between 7pm and 7am) will feature low fares for coach tickets.

This deal has been available for most Northeast Corridor city pairs between New York and Washington, D.C., but now Boston is in the mix.

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In addition, the time frame for departures has increased by two hours, meaning if you are catching a concert, play or game, you can get home at a lower rate if you leave earlier and later.

Here are some sample one-way coach fares:

  • Philadelphia – Baltimore/BWI: $5
  • New York – Newark/Newark Liberty: $5
  • Washington – Baltimore/BWI: $5
  • Boston – Providence: $5
  • New York – Philadelphia: $10
  • Philadelphia – Washington: $10
  • Providence – New Haven: $10
  • Boston – New Haven: $15
  • New York – Baltimore/BWI: $15
  • Washington – Newark/Newark Liberty: $15
  • New York – Washington: $20
  • Boston – New York: $20

Happy traveling!


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