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5 Things That Make Singapore Airlines Revered On A Worldwide Scale


  • Singapore Airlines is highly respected worldwide due to its commitment to providing world-class, quality service to every passenger.
  • The airline offers the utmost convenience with its extensive route network and favorable departure and arrival times.
  • Passengers appreciate the luxuriously clean cabins, overall inflight experience, and the carrier’s remarkable safety track record.

For several decades now, Singapore Airlines has been considered by passengers one of the best airlines worldwide, and the flag carrier has countless accolades to prove it. Wherever possible, Singapore Airlines is usually among the top picks for travelers to fly on, further highlighting the airline’s stellar dominance across the aviation industry.

Despite the usual operational ups and downs that either polish or tarnish an airline’s reputation – such as the recent bout of negative news surrounding Singapore Airlines’ service, the carrier will still eventually fly its way back to the top and continue being one of the top choices. But what makes Singapore Airlines so highly respected worldwide?

1 Commitment

The Star Alliance member’s focus on service is crystal clear, with its mission statement and core values further establishing that world-class, quality service to every passenger is a fundamental objective and aspiration. This is often shown through the airline’s cabin crew, whose exceptional hospitality is often favored by passengers due to their professionalism and friendliness.

As for commitment within the airline’s management, every issue – regardless of how minor or major, is often critiqued, as shown through each negative spotlight. But, Singapore Airlines has a track record of ensuring these problems go through the same evaluation process to make sure such matters are either reduced over time or never happen again.

2 Convenience

Based in Singapore, the flag carrier’s hub at Changi International Airport allows for a high level of connectivity and convenience across an extensive route network of over 110 destinations. And, with over 180 fuel-efficient, new-generation aircraft in its fleet, Singapore Airlines can reliably provide favorable departure and arrival times to further attract passengers.

A Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 Approaching London Heathrow Airport.

Photo: Brookgardener | Shutterstock 

For example, this summer, the airline offered four daily flights from London to Sydney via Singapore. The departures were at 09:25, 11:25, 20:50, and 22:05, all easily scheduled for passengers to either catch a flight in the morning for those seeking the first flight out or after important events, school, or work in the evenings.

3 Cabins

From the Boeing 737-800 to the Airbus A380 and across all the different types and variants in between, Singapore Airlines is often well-praised for its luxuriously clean cabins and overall inflight experience. The airline’s cabins, regardless of economy class or the exclusive Suites, are said to be well-designed and smartly configured in terms of space and length, with comfortable seating or bedding, and feature relatively high-quality amenities.

A passenger enjoying inflight entertainment sitting in Singapore Airlines business class.

Photo: Singapore Airlines

For example, the airline offers five different business class seat products across its entire fleet, which seems quite bewildering when compared to the general two to three-seat products offered by other full-service carriers like United Airlines and Qantas. While these business class seats do lose to other airlines concerning SkyTrax awards, passenger opinions still tilt towards Singapore Airlines for its products and overall experience.

4 Safety

While both the soft and hard products of Singapore Airlines’ aircraft cabins earn the favor of plenty of passengers, the carrier’s remarkable safety track record also keeps them ahead of the game. With a maintenance, repair, and overhaul subsidiary – Singapore Airlines Engineering, the airline consistently invests in maintenance training and upgrades to ensure its expansive and young fleet complies with local and international standards to remain safe and flyable.

That’s not to say the airline has an entirely spotless safety record, given a fatal air accident at one point during its operational history. This crash occurred over two decades ago, in the year 2000, when a Boeing 747 attempted to take off during a typhoon and ended up on a closed runway. Since then, the airline has taken measures to ensure human errors nearly cease to exist.

5 Allowances

Flying with Singapore Airlines in economy class can still be quite the treat for passengers – except when flying long-haul to the US and Canada, as the airline offers 30 kilograms of checked baggage allowance, which facilitates a fair bit of pre-travel shopping and reduces stress when packing. Compared to the standard 23 kilograms for international economy class on other full-service carriers like British Airways, Air India, and Japan Airlines, the additional seven kilograms is definitely a winning factor.

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 2.38.35 AM

Photo: Singapore Airlines

This goes the same for passengers flying in premium economy, as some airlines offer the same limited checked baggage allowance for the lowest two cabin classes and only offer increased weight limits from business class onwards. But Singapore Airlines does it differently, with a good base for economy class passengers and a continued increase for each cabin class up.

What entices you to travel with Singapore Airlines? Let us know in the comments below.

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