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5 Things We’re Begging Disney To Bring To the NEW Pirates of the Caribbean Restaurant

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me!

Pirates of the Caribbean

The iconic song from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride has been stuck in our heads since the weekend, when Disney announced that an all-new Pirates of the Caribbean-themed tavern would soon be added to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. We have very little information about the forthcoming restaurant/lounge, but Disney did reveal some concept art that may or may not include some clues. So, while we await more details, we need to chat about a few things that we would LOVE for Disney to include at the restaurant.

This post is just us pretending to be Imagineers. Hey, Disney? If you’re reading this, please consider this our official application. Here we go!

Magic Kingdom doesn’t have alcoholic beverages as readily available as the other Disney Parks. While you can purchase wine, beer, and cocktails at the table service restaurants in Magic Kingdom, it actually remained a dry park for a long time!

Magic Kingdom

It’s still the only Disney World park without a lounge or bar area that has a huge focus on alcohol, so we think that this could be a great opportunity to make that addition to the park. Pirates-themed cocktails in elaborate vessels would be phenomenal.

2. The Barker Bird

The Barker Bird used to greet guests as they entered the Pirates attraction, and for a while, he was even shown at the exit of the ride.

Pirates of the Caribbean

We think the tavern is a great way for him to make his comeback!

3. Homage to the Skeletons Playing Chess

In the queue of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, you can look through a window and spot some skeletons caught in an eternal game of chess!

Pirates of the Caribbean

We always love taking a look at these guys and would love to see them make an appearance at the restaurant– even if it’s just something like available chess boards at certain tables or in the waiting area.

4. Cast Members in the Same (or Similar) Costumes From The Attraction

We love the iconic costumes that the Cast Members wear at the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. If this ends up being a more upscale lounge, we think there are totally ways to enhance the same costume concept.

Those costumes are iconic!

The Cast Members within the tavern could totally rock the same look! It would add consistency for sure.

5. Interactive Elements

Like we mentioned earlier with the chess, playing games could be a fun interactive element as it reflects the playful spirit of the pirates in the ride.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Singing sea shanties with Cast Members, playing games while dining, and interactive show elements around the restaurant like at Oga’s could be so much fun!

And there you have it! Is there anything that you’re hoping to see in the new restaurant? We’ll continue to keep you updated with more Disney news, and in the meantime, make sure to follow along for more so that you never miss a thing.

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Is there anything that you’d love to see in the new Pirates of the Caribbean restaurant? Let us know in the comments! 


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