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What United Airlines Is Doing With Leftover Sunday Riley Products – Live and Let's Fly

United Airlines is transitioning away from Sunday Riley as its onboard skincare partner and will use its venerable “Halfway To Hawaii” game as a way to eliminate the remaining product inventory.

United Airlines “Halfway To Hawaii” Game Now Features Sunday Riley Prizes

United Airlines plays a “Halfway to Hawaii” game. Shortly after leveling off on all flights to Hawaii, the captain or first officer will come on the PA system and note a number of data points, including:

  • takeoff and landing times
  • air speed
  • wind speed

Passengers can then write down what time they believe the flight will cross the halfway point to Hawaii. The person (or usually 3-4 people) who guessed closest to the actual time receive a prize. Historically, that prize has been a Hawaii-themed item like a Hawaiian CD, amenity kit, or Lonely Planet book, though since 2021 the prize has been a cooling gel pillow (the kind United warned flight attendants to stop customers from stealing).

United Saks Fifth Avenue Bedding

United Airlines is now partnering with Asutra for its in-flight skincare products, though apparently there are some leftovers from the Sunday Riley era.

Effective September 6, 2023, the prize is now a pair of Sunday Riley products that have been present in the onboard lavatories in Polaris Business Class since 2019:

  • 1 bottle of Sunday Riley Face Mist
  • 1 bottle of Sunday Riley Hand Cream

Each flight will have six winners, the six who were closest to the actual time the flight crossed the halfway point.

I quite like the face mist, though I suppose I do prefer the cooling gel pillow.


United is using its “Halfway To Hawaii” game to reduce its inventory of Sunday Riley products. That may be a downgrade from the cooling gel pillow, but it is still a decent prize en route to the Hawaiian islands.


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