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Where Emirates Is Flying The 615-Seat Airbus A380s This Winter


  • Emirates’ 615-seat A380s have 58 business seats and 557 in economy
  • These high-density aircraft are used in high-volume, less premium, and leisure-driven markets
  • They will be used to 10 destinations this winter, with Bali, Birmingham, and Düsseldorf exclusively served by this configuration

Emirates’ Airbus A380s have multiple configurations and seating densities, from as ‘few’ as 484 seats to as many as 615. According to, 15 of the airline’s A380s have 615 seats. It has this many seats because the config only has two classes. It removed first class, has far fewer business seats than other layouts, and packs in many more economy passengers.

615-seat A380s: a summary

Focused on high-volume, less premium, and more leisure-driven markets, wholly or at certain times of the day or year, Emirates’ 615-seat aircraft have two classes. There are 58 seats in business and a whopping 557 in economy. The number of economy seats alone exceeds most A380 operators’ total capacity. It trades much higher seat volume for lower seat revenue.

Emirates Airbus A380 615 seats landing

Photo: Gerben Wessels I Shutterstock.

Emirates’ two-class quadjets have 219 more economy seats than its least densely configured aircraft: those with 484 seats in a four-class layout. The 484-seaters trade higher-yielding premium economy for regular economy. While bog-standard economy represents just 70% of capacity on its four-class config, it is a huge 91% in its two-class alternative.

Where Emirates’ 615-seaters will fly

As of September 8th and subject to change, Emirates plans to use is very high-density aircraft to 10 destinations from its Dubai hub this November-February. They are shown below in alphabetical order. Only Bali, Birmingham, and Düsseldorf are scheduled to exclusively see the non-first-class 615-seater.

Dubai to…

Winter* flights by the 615-seater

Only plans to see this config?

Comments about use

Bali Denpasar




Daily to triple daily


Flights vary by specific week








Weekly (!)


Dec 1st onwards

Hong Kong

Daily (via Bangkok)


Jan 15th-Feb 14th only

London Gatwick



Until Nov 30th, then again from Feb 1st


Daily to double-daily


Daily Jan 1st-14th


Six weekly to daily


Mainly six weekly


Just four flights


Feb 6th, 7th, 16th, 17th

* November 2023-February 2024

What about Frankfurt?

Emirates plans to serve Dubai-Frankfurt triple daily this winter using the Boeing 777-300ER (double daily) and A380 (daily). However, as the table above shows, the 615-seater is only scheduled to operate weekly from December 1st. It will run on Fridays.

Emirates Airbus A380-842

Photo: Vincenzo Pace I Simple Flying.

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It will be on EK47 outbound, leaving Dubai at 15:15 and arriving in Frankfurt at 19:20 local. Returning, EK48 will depart Germany at 21:10, returning home the following day at 06:40. First class will be provided by the two 777s on Fridays – just not the A380.

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