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Marriott Bonvoy 2024 Elite Status Soft Landing Policy

Marriott Rewards, for a long time, had a soft landing policy or just renewed members at their existing level for years if they didn’t meet the official requirement.

Marriott back in January (read more here) disclosed their downgrade policy in 2023, but they have already published the one for January 2024.

You can access Marriott Bonvoy here.

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Marriott’s 2024 Soft Landing Policy:

Will all Members that do not reach status in 2023 be downgraded to the next Elite tier?

We are pleased to offer all members who did not re-achieve their existing Elite status in 2023 one tier below their current status through February 2025.

Marriott continues their long-lasting soft landing policy, i.e., your tier will only be downgraded one level regardless of how many nights you consumed within the previous calendar year.

Soft Landing Policy

  • Ambassador – Titanium
  • Titanium – Platinum
  • Platinum – Gold
  • Gold – Silver


It is excellent that Marriott has already clarified their 2024 soft landing policy in the fall of 2023, unlike this year when the policy was communicated in January (read more here).

Marriott used to roll over members with an existing tier sometimes for years (my Platinum status was extended at least for four years in the mid-2000s without meeting the official criteria), and you could always buy back your status for a small number of points.

But all these fun programs have been retired.


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