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Hawaiian Airlines begins selling tickets aboard new state-of-the-art aircraft

California travelers looking to book an excursion to Hawaii now have the option of traveling aboard Hawaiian Airlines’ new flagship aircraft.

Beginning in early 2024, travelers from San Francisco International Airport and LAX will be able to fly to the Hawaiian islands on a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft.

Tickets are on sale now from LAX to Maui or Honolulu, and SFO to Honolulu.

The airline’s new craft will be Hawaii-themed with “bold textures, soothing sunrise and sunset lighting, and sinuous ocean and wind patterns.” The interior will pull from the history of Pacific Ocean navigators who used the sun, stars, winds and waves to help guide them in their travels, the airline said.

  • The Leihōkū Suites feature a "starlit ceiling inspired by constellations that guided early Polynesian voyagers." (Hawaiian Airlines)

The plane can seat 300 people, including 34 deluxe “Leihōkū Suites,” which feature an 18-inch entertainment screen, personal power outlets, wireless cell phone chargers, direct aisle access and the ability to lie flat. Leihōkū, which translates to garland of stars, offers private or shared experiences, allowing for two suites to combine to allow couples to fall asleep beneath a “starlit ceiling inspired by constellations that guided early Polynesian voyagers.”

The main cabin consists of 266 seats that the airline says are “ergonomically contoured” and offer maximum seat space, shoulder room and hip room. The main cabin seats have a 12-inch seatback monitor with USB charging ports.

The main cabin of Hawaiian Airlines new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. (Hawaiian Airlines)
The main cabin of Hawaiian Airlines new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. (Hawaiian Airlines)

The cabin and suite amenities were crafted through a partnership between Hawaiian Airlines and Adient Aerospace, a joint venture between Boeing and a prominent manufacturer of automotive seats.

“Our 787’s uniquely Hawaiian design and comfort, paired with the award-winning hospitality of our crew, will create an unparalleled experience for our guests on their travel to the islands,” said Avi Mannis, chief marketing officer at Hawaiian Airlines.

The airline also partnered with a design consultant to ensure every inch of the interior celebrates Polynesian culture, Hawaii’s ecosystem and the native Hawaiian language.

The first of the 12 Dreamliner planes is expected to arrive in January, with more to be delivered in the coming years. Hawaiian Airlines promises a more comfortable and quiet ride on the craft due to its ability to travel at a lower cabin altitude and state-of-the-art engine technology.

The first flights will begin on April 15 as Hawaiian offers daily service between Honolulu and San Francisco through May 14. Select flights will be offered between Los Angeles and either Maui or Honolulu beginning that same month.


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