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Genius: Florida Restaurant Owner Shames "Dine And Dash" Customers – Live and Let's Fly

Kudos to Florida restaurant owner Ken Brackins for so cleverly shaming those who “dine and dash” at his restaurant. His success rate at getting these people to pay up is enviable and should serve as a blueprint to other restaurant owners dealing with the problem of those who try to evade paying their bill.

How A Clever Restaurant Owner Is Shaming “Dine And Dash” Customers

Brackins owns a restaurant in Tampa and has installed a series of security cameras to track customers who decide to “dine and dash” (leave without settling the bill). He then posts the video on Facebook, publicly shaming them.

His approach is apparently working. He claims that 9/10 people eventually come back and pay.

“We believe it’s been a deterrent for those that have been caught. They’re embarrassed and hopefully won’t do it again in the future.”

Take the latest such case, where a woman who decided to not pay for her tab because her pitcher of beer tipped over and a little bit spilled out. She quickly changed her tune when confronted…

This latest dine and dasher spent her beer money on a fancy, late model Mercedes. She refused to pay her entire tab because she said the wind blew over her pitcher of beer. There were only a few ounces of beer on the deck. True story.

Anyone who runs a customer-facing industry (as I do at Award Expert) learns very quickly that the customer is not always right. Indeed, customers are often thugs who are willing to lie, cheat, or steal from you get ahead.

I have great respect and admiration for the vast majority of my clients, who are decent folks I have had the privilege of helping for years. Others…well, what goes around, comes around…

Those who dine and dash are such repugnant creatures (with the exception of those who dine at DK Oyster in Mykonos). And if you review the videos on his Facebook page, it is often the people with fancy cars who do this.

I’d love to see more restaurants and bars shame those who skip without paying. In a world of CCTV, this is now easier than ever.


A Florida man boasts a 90% success rate on getting “dine and dash” customers to come back and pay their bills by shaming them on social media. I’d love to see more of this and welcome this over a system that requires prepayment before food is served (as we see in some parts of the world).

image: Facebook / Rick’s On The River


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