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Anticipating 2nd Day of ASEAN Summit, Police Divert Traffic at 3 Roads

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Director of Traffic at Metro Jaya regional police Chief Commissioner Latif Usman mentioned that traffic engineering will be applied to three main roads in Jakarta today in anticipation of the second day of the ASEAN Summit. These roads are Jl. Gatot Soebroto, Jl. Sudirman-Thamrin, and Jl. Rasuna Said (Kuningan).

“We will apply [traffic diversion] at three sectors, Senayan, HI roundabout, and from Kuningan Jl. Rasuna Said,” he said in Jakarta on Tuesday as quoted by Antara.

The traffic diversion will start from 08:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. In the afternoon the police also divert the traffic from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

According to Latif, the three roads will be vacated since these roads are going to be passed by the ASEAN Summit delegates heading to the Jakarta Convention Center, one of the main venues for the summit. 

The people with four-wheel vehicles from Cawang and Bekasi will be diverted to Tebet 1 Toll Road. “The traffic from the East, Cawang, [and] from Bekasi, for the four-wheel vehicles will be diverted to Tebet 1 toll road to avoid entering Jl. Rasuna Said,” he said.

Motorcycle drivers from Pasar Minggu will be diverted to Tebet to avoid entering Jl. Gatot Soebroto. Meanwhile, the four-wheel vehicles will be using the toll road.

For vehicles coming from Cawang, Pancoran, heading to Jl. Rasuna Said will be diverted to Mampang Prapatan to Jl. Tendean. “The usual route from Underpass Mampang will be directed to the left,” said Latif.


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