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Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Shames Woman For Her Fitness Attire – Live and Let's Fly

It’s no coincidence that nearly every one of these wardrobe-related stories involves Southwest Airlines. Friendly service, jokes, and an intolerance of any sort of revealing attire seems to be coded into the DNA of the Dallas-based airline. Today we look at what happened on a Southwest Airlines flight to Florida when a woman wore fitness attire onboard.

Southwest Airlines Shames Maggi Thorne Over Fitness Attire

I’ve never heard of Maggi Thorne or the fact that she was a seven-time competitor on “American Ninja Warrior” (another thing I have never heard of). I do not have a TV at home. But I do care that she was shamed by a flight attendant who did not like what she was wearing onboard.

Thorne claims she was shamed by a Southwest Airlines flight attendant for wearing fitness gear on flight 1039 from Omaha (OMA) to Orlando (MCO).

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant just shamed me in front of passengers saying my attire wasn’t appropriate. A tank top and high-waisted pants.Flight 1039. Is this really happening in 2023? The passengers around me were stunned as she shamed me for all to hear.

The picture above is what she was wearing.

And I guess my reaction is…what’s the problem?

And this wasn’t a one-off incident:

As I wrote then, kind of hard to lecture passengers with a straight face when Southwest plasters scantily-clad Israeli model Bar Refaeli on the side of one of its Boeing 737s…

Christopher Ebdon / Flickr


I’m of the opinion that her attire was just fine and the flight attendant was out of line. I wish Southwest Airlines would tell flight attendants just to leave people alone onboard. Calling women out for their wardrobe choices merely brings more attention to them. That undermines the “concern” that their attire is not right for the passengers around them.


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