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REVIEW: Nordic-Inspired Menu at Animator's Palate for 'Frozen' Night on Disney Wonder Alaska Sailing

On select Disney Wonder sailings, guests can enjoy the Frozen Deck Party with Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven. During the day of the Frozen Deck Party, there are also “Frozen” meet and greets and other offerings inspired by the classic films. At dinner on these “Frozen” days, the Disney Wonder serves Nordic-inspired fare in all three restaurants.

Animator’s Palate

DCL Wonder Animators Palate sign 2

We dined in Animator’s Palate on the “Frozen” night. Animator’s Palate features artist-inspired decorations, like giant paintbrushes and walls covered in sketches.

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8523

There is usually a show utilizing the screens on the walls, but during this special evening, the screens showcased “Frozen” art.

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8525

The restaurant’s lighting also stuck to the “Frozen” color scheme of blue, white, and purple.

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8526

The lighting and screens added an extra touch of magic to the “Frozen” experience.

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8529

Since this is a one-night experience across all three restaurants, “Frozen” characters don’t appear during dinner. For that, you’ll want Arendelle – A Frozen Dining Adventure on the Disney Wish.

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8532
dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8533

Even during the Frozen Deck Party, Animator’s Palate has special plates with film reel borders and paintbrush-shaped butter knives. Walt Disney World guests may recognize these knives from breakfast at Topolino’s Terrace, but they debuted on Disney Cruise Line. They were the first of Disney Parks’ many popular themed utensils that guests tried to steal — leading to Disney selling the knives in Mickey’s Mainsail and at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.

“Frozen” Menu

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8536
dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8537



Absolut Vodka, Rekorderlig Pear, fresh lime juice, vanilla sugar

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8539

This drink (on the left) tastes like vodka and juice. The vodka is very prominent, while the tart pear flavor is on the back end. You’ll be feeling this drink after, but it’s a winner.


Linie Aquavit, Midori Melon Liqueur, fresh banana, and fresh orange and lime juice

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8542

This drink is pretty but was disappointing. You’ll want to stir it up to make sure all the ingredients are mixed, but even after we did that, it just tasted like Midori. There was a hint of banana and orange, but not much.


Jarlsberg Tart (vegetarian)

with onion and thyme

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8553

This tastes fine but is under-seasoned. The exterior pastry is tough.

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8571

The interior is like an egg frittata.

Arendelle Gravlax (gluten-free)

with apple chips, lingonberries, and crème fraiche

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8546

We took a bite with pretty much everything in it and found this to be a good mix. The crème fraiche was creamy and the lingonberries were sweet. The apple came through and it balanced well with the salmon. We preferred this to the gravlax we had on the first night.

Duke of Wesleton’s Favorites

Assorted meats and cheese with knäckebröd, pumpernickel, and pickles

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8563

Knäckebröd is a kind of crisp, rye cracker, which tasted like cardboard. The meats are buffet quality but there’s nothing wrong with them. The cheese tasted like muenster and was fine. We wouldn’t get this appetizer.

Elsa’s Coronation Scallops

Princess scallops baked in a shrimp cognac-tarragon cream sauce, topped with a flaky pastry

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8556

Like the rest of the appetizers, the scallops dish was just okay.

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8568

The scallops were fishy and the broth wasn’t flavorful.

Soups & Salads

Split Green Pea and Ham Soup

with thyme croutons

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8579

This tastes just like green peas, so is perfect for anyone who likes peas. The consistency is good. It’s warm with an excellent flavor.

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8581

The croutons add the right amount of crunch.

Sven’s Carrot Soup (gluten-free)

with caraway and cream

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8574

This was salty and creamy. We could taste the carrot and thyme. It was good.

Oaken’s Red and Yellow Beetroot Salad (vegan, gluten-free)

with asparagus, pickled radishes, cornichons, and mustard dressing

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8588

This is very one-note. We felt like the beets needed more. You would usually pair goat cheese with beets, but then it wouldn’t be a vegan dish. We say stick with the soups.

Main Course

Bulda’s Vegetable Turnover (vegetarian)

Celeriac, carrots, spinach, and shallots, baked in a puff pastry served with a white wine-thyme cream sauce

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8597

Here we have yet another puff pastry and even more thyme. The veggies inside and out are cubed.

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8625
dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8599

This is delicious. The pastry was much better than the appetizer tart — it’s flaky and soft. The veggies are cooked well. The sauce is great.

Hans’s Juniper-marinated Pork Tenderloin

with spätzle, kale, baby roasted turnips, and wild mushroom cream sauce

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8594

The meat servings are very robust. This dish has thick pieces of pork tenderloin. It’s a little chewy, but juicy and well-cooked. The mushroom cream sauce is the right accompaniment. The spätzle soaks up the mushroom sauce for a fantastic taste. This is a solid dish.

Lobster Ravioli

with ricotta cheese, spinach, and a lobster tarragon-riesling wine sauce

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8613

We’ve had lobster ravioli on another Disney Cruise Line sailing and it was just as disappointing the second time. If we grabbed a lobster out of the ocean with our bare hands and starting eating it, it would be less fishy than this dish.

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8614

The ravioli itself is chewy. Just don’t bother.

Pabbi’s Stuffed Cabbage Roulades (vegetarian, gluten-free)

Savoy cabbage stuffed with brown rice, asparagus, leeks, carrots, and lingonberry served with a dill cream sauce

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8606

This is creamy and filling. It’s one of the more interesting dishes.

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8608

It wasn’t our favorite, but if you are gluten-free and/or vegetarian, this is a good option.

Kristoff’s Rosemary-marinated Strip Loin (gluten-free)

with crushed red bliss potatoes, buttered green beans, and a cabernet jus

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8603

We found this strip loin to be very tender, but not very flavorful.

Grilled Grain-Fed Sirloin Steak (lighter note)

with garden vegetables and baked potato

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8622

At every restaurant on Disney Cruise Line, you’ll find “lighter note offerings” listed at the bottom of the menu. These offerings always include this steak, slow-roasted chicken breast, oven-baked filet of salmon, and a unique option for that meal. These are aimed at guests seeking something lighter, simpler, and more gluten-friendly. We actually found this sirloin steak to be more flavorful than the strip loin, but not as tender. The baked potato and vegetables are just standard fare.

“Frozen” Desserts

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8627
dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8629

Signature Dessert: Elsa’s Chocolate and Raspberry Tart

Layered with fresh raspberries, chocolate ganache, and chocolate truffle mousse brushed with raspberry paste

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8663 2

The raspberry is super tart and profound. The cake at the bottom is dry. We weren’t a fan.

Sitron’s Mousse (no sugar added)

Light creamy lemon mousse served with rhubarb purée

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8648

This has the mousse consistency you would expect. It’s also very tart with a meringue-like flavor.

Oaken Warm Apple Pudding Cake

served with butterscotch cinnamon sauce and vanilla bean ice cream

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8633 2

This is great. There’s raisin in the cake and the sauce is perfect. The ice cream pairs well with the apple cake, which reminds us of dense bread pudding. It’s not a pie, but if you like apple pie, you’ll like this.

Frozen Yogurt Romanoff Sundae

Fresh strawberries marinated in Cointreau, vanilla frozen yogurt, and chopped pistachio nuts

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8643

This comes topped with a Silver Anniversary at Sea “25” chocolate emblem. The Disney Cruise Line whipped cream is fresh and delicious, adding a lot to each dish. After several ice cream sundaes (there’s one available at every dinner), this was a nice break. It’s sweet and interesting.

Pannekaken – Norwegian Pancake

Pancakes rolled in with a sweet lingonberry cream cheese

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8636

There’s more cream cheese than pancake in this dessert. It’s too sweet and too much.

Olaf’s White Chocolate Floro Dome

Centered with carrot cake, Norwegian cardamom cookie, and whipped cream

dcl alaska frozen night dinner 8652

This was just okay, although was topped with that delicious whipped cream. Like the pannekaken, it was too sweet.


The vegetarian dishes were the best at this meal, which isn’t always the case. Both soups were good and we liked the pork tenderloin. The desserts were too sugary, but everything else was good or passable. We would give this about a 7 out of 10, overall.

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