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Video: Man slams airline for leaving his blind mother in flight, airline responds

“@Vistara Airlines, how could you put my blind mother in danger like this?! Are you not responsible for taking care of disabled passengers who are left under your supervision and assistance whilst travelling?! SHOCKING!” Ayush Kejriwal wrote on the social networking site while narrating the entire episode in a video.

Describing the incident as “distressing”, he said that despite having requested an assisted travel plan for his mother, Vistara failed to provide the necessary assistance when required.

“Once the flight reached its destination, all passengers disembarked, inadvertently leaving the lady behind. Fortunately, a diligent cleaning staff member from the airline heard her cries and promptly alerted others, leading to her safe removal from the aircraft,” he alleged in the video.

The airline has issued an apology for the matter in the reply to the post.

“Hi Ayush, we deeply regret to learn about your recent experience with us. At Vistara, we hold ourselves to the highest service standards, and it upsets us to hear that we fell short of your expectations. Please be assured that we prioritize the well-being of our customers and their safety and security are of top priority for us. Please DM us the case reference numbers and booking details. Thanks, Aishwarya,” Vistara wrote.


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