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Former Salybia MP, Francois Barrie, has passed away

Mr Francois Barrie

Former Member of Parliament for the Salybia Constituency, Francois Barrie, has died.

He died at his home in Pointe, Kalinago Territory, on Sunday DNO has learned.

The cause of his death is unknown but it is understood that he had been ailing.

A school teacher for most of his life, Barrie won the Salybia Constituency in the 1995 general election on a United Workers Party (UWP) ticket.

However, he was defeated by Kelly Graneau of the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) in the 2000 general election.

The Salybia Constituency consists of the Kalinago Territory, Atkinson, Antrizle and parts of Concord.

Barrie was also an avid cricket enthusiast.

More information will be provided when it becomes available.


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