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After summer of hours-long lines, TSA deploys more security workers to JFK Airport

The TSA deployed more workers to JFK Airport ahead of Labor Day weekend to help reduce long lines for security that plagued the travel hub this summer, Sen. Chuck Schumer announced Sunday.

Schumer wrote a letter to TSA Administrator David Pekoske last month demanding for more staffing at JFK, calling the hours-long lines that built up at the airport “unacceptable.” The Senate Majority Leader said the lines were caused by a shortage of security workers, prompting many travelers at the airport to miss their flights.

Schumer called on the TSA to ensure there would be enough security staffers in time for Labor Day weekend.

The TSA responded by reassigning 200 workers to help screen passengers at the airport and approving overtime for the crews. Schumer said the TSA also canceled some non-mandatory training sessions, which opened up more canine dog units to help screen travelers.

“For many days this past month, the TSA line at JFK has packed people in like sardines for hours,” Schumer said in a statement Sunday. “Airports across New York City cannot be known for hours-long TSA lines, and it is unacceptable given the funds are there to avoid this kind of thing.”

TSA spokesperson Sonny Lorrius said wait times for security lines at the airport this week have been under 30 minutes.


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