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British Musem arguments for keeping sculptures ‘shattered’

British Musem arguments for keeping sculptures ‘shattered’

The government has a strategic plan to reclaim the Parthenon Sculptures, according to Culture Minister Lina Mendoni, stressing that Athens is closely following developments regarding the theft of artifacts at the British Museum.

The revelation of this theft, she said, “strengthens our arguments.” In response to a question in Parliament on Friday, Mendoni said, “Under no circumstances can we accept that [the British Museum] takes care and guards not only the Greek collections and the sculptures but the entire collections.”

“It is a major issue that there is theft from within… and it has shattered the last argument of the British Museum,” she said, noting that “those in charge of the museum are not taking care to protect the collections, nor are they taking proper security and conservation measures. The alleged protection provided has always been inadequate, incomplete and problematic with regard to Phidias’ masterpieces.”


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