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Incorrect Air Canada App Alerts

My Android and Apple phones have the Air Canada app installed to monitor Aeroplan award itineraries I have booked using their miles.

Something weird, however, is going on with Air Canada because I have twice within the past few days received check-in alerts for Air Canada flights that I  have not booked.

You can access Air Canada here.

The alerts started with a notice that my flight to Calgary was open for check-in, and then yesterday, when I was still in Galapagos, there was another alert that I should check into my flight to Toronto.

I could understand these alerts if I have Air Canada itineraries with flights to these two cities, but I don’t. I have not even been to Calgary beyond perhaps once transiting on a convoluted itinerary (if my memory serves right – it could have been LH irrops booking).

We were in touch with Air Canada regarding these alerts and were told they are aware of them, but we were not explained why some are receiving them. Air Canada is trying to have this glitch fixed.


I have turned off various alerts on most of the apps I have on my phone because I don’t need unnecessary and unimportant alerts that these different apps constantly feed to grab our attention and distract us.

I hope that Air Canada can ensure that only the passengers on these flights get these alerts and nobody else.


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