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Several flights at YVR delayed amid staffing and weather issues

It was a trying time for some travellers trying to catch a flight out of Vancouver International Airport Thursday morning due to staffing issues and bad weather.

According to YVR, some flights out of the airport were delayed because Nav Canada is understaffed and “inclement weather conditions [were] affecting visibility earlier today in Vancouver.”

“Nav Canada’s traffic management initiative is currently affecting arriving flights from as far west as Winnipeg, as far south as Denver and San Francisco and as far north as northern Canada,” an email statement reads.

At around 11:30 am Thursday, about 7% of flights are affected at YVR.

Current on-time performance for departures from YVR is tracking at 83.17 per cent,” YVR said this morning, but added, “These numbers fluctuate throughout the day.”

One traveller told Daily Hive their flight from Kelowna to Vancouver was delayed for an “undetermined departure time” allegedly because of traffic congestion at the airport.

“Unknown resolution, unknown departure times or resolution on connecting flights,” James Alton said.

“They haven’t given us much information except saying it was an Air Authority issue and not Air Canada’s fault.”

In an update Thursday afternoon, YVR has said, “The traffic management initiative has now been lifted as the resource constraints have been resolved.”

“We may continue to see some delays as flights return to scheduled times over the next hour or so.”


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