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Fall foliage: Will Asheville see another vibrant leaf season? Experts give their forecast

ASHEVILLE – Despite some early fall forecasts otherwise, last year ushered in a glorious leaf season, akin to the vibrant foliage of years past, said Beverly Collins, who compared the colors to her first experiences in the area 15 years before.

But as August winds down, with no guarantee of cold weather on the near horizon and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicting slightly elevated temperatures in its current three-month outlook, Collins said the Western North Carolina area may be looking at a fall foliage season more like recent years prior to 2022 — later turns, asynchronous change and a chance of less vibrant colors.

“And so fall color lasts into November, but the peak is not as close together,” Collins said. “We return to a year that is maybe not as bright and not as peaky as last year, but maybe a little more like the years before.”


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