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5 weeks later, here's how Dylan Dreyer finally reunited with her long lost luggage

Dylan Dreyer’s lost luggage saga finally has a happy ending.

In July, the 3rd Hour of TODAY co-host and her family lost 13 pieces of luggage while traveling to Italy. Dylan’s husband, Brian Fichera, and their three sons – Calvin, Oliver and Rusty – retrieved their luggage, but she never did.

Five weeks later, Dylan has finally reunited with her lost suitcase and she brought it to Studio 1A on Tuesday to share the exciting news.

During the segment, the TODAY crew began to play the Peaches & Herb song “Reunited.” At first, the team just started to groove to the music and didn’t realize what was happening. But then Dylan’s suitcase suddenly appeared and her co-hosts were thoroughly amused and surprised.

Dylan Dreyer
Dylan Dreyer with her lost suitcase on TODAY on Tuesday.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

“Whoa!” Jacob Soboroff said, with a shocked expression on his face.

“My bag is back!” Dylan said and threw her arm up into the air.

The co-hosts applauded the news and Jacob said, “Open it right now! Let’s see it.”

Dylan took a moment to dance with her suitcase and spin it around gleefully.

Jacob was quite happy to see the suitcase in person and said, “I’m gonna cry.”

“Me too!” Dylan said.

Sheinelle Jones acknowledged that the suitcase had been through quite the ordeal.

“If that bag could talk about its journey,” she said.

Dylan admitted that she’s been trying to “piece through its story” by examining all the luggage tags it had acquired over the course of five weeks.

“JFK, Amsterdam, Catania, back to Zurich — I don’t know how it got there — over to Palermo, back to Zurich. And it landed in JFK on Aug. 27, two days ago,” she said.

Dylan explained that Delta Air Lines contacted her after she’d already “stopped thinking about” her lost luggage.

“I get this random email from Delta saying, ‘Your baggage is in storage at terminal four at JFK. Come pick it up,'” she said.

Al Roker was surprised to hear that Delta didn’t just mail it to her at that point. 

“They made you go?” he asked.

“I had to go get it but I happened to be driving my brother to the airport this morning to drop him off for his flight,” Dylan replied.

“Oh, so it all worked out,” Sheinelle said.

While she was at the airport, Dylan stopped by the storage area and retrieved her bag.

“If you’re missing a bag, the storage area at JFK terminal is packed with bags so call Delta and find out if your bag might be there if you’ve traveled at all through JFK,” she said.

At this point, Al couldn’t help but crack a joke.

“I’m a little disappointed actually,” he said.

“Why?” Sheinelle asked.

“Because we’re not gonna hear about (Dylan) complain about this anymore,” he said.

In response, Dylan cracked her own joke, saying, “I’ll find something to (complain about). Don’t you worry.”

Jacob noted that there was an important lesson to learn from Dylan’s story.

“Don’t give up, kids. Dylan Dreyer did not give up,” he said.

“Five weeks later, I have my bag back. I’m gonna keep it right here. I’m not letting go of it,” she said.


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