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Money heist: Thieves climb treacherous Swiss mountain to steal cash from donation box!

Money heist: Thieves climb treacherous Swiss mountain to steal cash from donation box!

In a surprising event, thieves in Switzerland managed to conquer the country’s most challenging protected climbing routes. Read on if you are wondering why they would take so much pain.
Well, they ascended to an altitude of 2,350 m and traversed gorges on narrow steel cables to rob a collection box. If reports are to go by, the box belongs to a local climbing club, which is responsible for maintaining Switzerland’s longest protected climbing route on the Gemmi pass above Leukerbad village.

What is surprising about this is that the donation box is accessible only to the most experienced climbers. Also known as a via ferrata, the route is classed as Level 5, which means the most difficult, and involves traversing gorges on narrow steel cables, serious climbing talent, as well as ascending ladders bolted into the vertical rock face.

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Referring to this, the climbing club added that they work without salary, they don’t ask for anything, but as luck would have it, someone has stolen the money donated to maintain it. Reports add that those who discovered the theft in the first place, believe that the heist was carefully planned and well in advance.

Reports add that the donation box was found empty and was smashed open. Looking at the theft, it can be stated that the thieves were not only good climbers, but they also came equipped with all the necessary mountaineering kit, which they required to break open the donation box.

It is further interesting to note that it appears that the thieves continued their ascent with the money to the top of the Lauberhorn (2941 m) after stealing. As of now, it seems a bit difficult to find out who actually committed the crime as the past few days have been perfect climbing weather, and many mountaineers climbed the via ferrata during this duration.

Money heist: Thieves climb treacherous Swiss mountain to steal cash from donation box!

Elaborating more on this, the climbing club is still not so sure how much money was stolen; however, they are estimating that the stolen amount could be at least 400-500 Swiss francs.

As per the reports. Switzerland is still one of those countries where cash is used on a regular basis, where people voluntarily maintain climbing routes and hiking paths. As such, a donation for such effort is expected, wherein a large part of the population are involved. Now, with the unfortunate incident, organisations like the climbing club will likely wonder if they need to change the way they seek donations.

Reports add that millions of francs have already been stolen in the past three years alone, which has caused the Swiss Federal Police to warn that the regularly filled and often poorly monitored machines have increasingly become a magnet for thieves from across Europe.

For now, the climbing club is just hoping that whoever stole the money suffers from guilt trip, and returns it quietly.


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